Reply To: 1236 and 2.5.157 and iTunes


@tri wrote:

First positive sign was that now it seems to work with iTunes. It also seems automatically skip ssc for iTunes when streaming alac. I don’t know how it does this. Is this somehow built in, because configuration doesn’t show anything of the kind.

Generally I’d like to have a configurable list of codecs per user-agent, but for now I’ve hardcoded native codecs for iTunes and SB and assume reasonable defaults for others.

Not ideal, but no worse than before, and has the advantages of not transcoding alac to iTunes, or wma to SB.

After upgrading sound bridge m2000 to 2.5.157, my mt-daapd server disappeared from the server list. OK, plugins were not properly configured. Actually “make install” doesn’t seem to honor configure –libdir in plugin installation, but instead it stores them under PREFIX/share which should contain architecture independent data. Another “make install” annoyance is that nowadays it seems to nuke the config file, which is really stupid.

Yeah, but I don’t believe that libdir is the right place for it either. Isn’t libdir for linkable libraries, i.e. destinations for -l libs? I seriously don’t know where the right place is, or what the automake variable is for that location.

I dunno. I can’t figure the auto* stuff out, and everything about it is a complete train wreck. Undocumented train wreck, at that.

Certainly the config stuff should be sysconfdir, but I think I won’t even bother doing that. I’ll just not install anything, and let package maintainers do what they want with it.

I accept that RSP is development code and is still constantly changed and therefore a little unstable. Anyways, as a fallback option, there should be a way to use DAAP instead of RSP in SB.

I don’t disagree with that, but it’s not my call.

Anyways, it’s nice to see that this product is actively developed.

such that it is.