Reply To: port troobleshooting


@tterragcnoom wrote:

I’m using a hackintosh (os x). I have the firewall set to off for testing purposes (yeah, I checked that first, jeeze, so flippant :D). Thanks for replying!

Okay. The other possibility is that it is just taking some time to start up (large library, etc).

One way you can test that would be to change the music directory in the preference panel to a directory that has no music.

Then start the server. Shouldn’t take long before it appears. Once you have that, try and connect. See what that does.

Whether you can or not, another thing to try would be to launch the configuration web page from the button on the prefs panel. From there, go into configuration and view the “advanced config”, then set the log level to 5.

Stop the server, point it back at your original music directory, and start it again. Now you should be able to watch what it is doing in the “log” tab of the preference panel. That might help some.

— Ron