Reply To: Feedback on svn-1236 (Win32)


@grommet wrote:

– Your “truncate = 1” feature causes firefly.log to be empty… nothing gets logged there. Changing truncate back to 0 returns the previous behavior.

do you have a debuglevel set in your config?

– Very few events have been logged in the Win32 event logger for the last few builds for me. Only fatal errors like “cannot unlock sqlite2 lock: Incorrect function” and “Out of pseudo file handles. See ya” exist. Today, the only event I see is “error opening logfile” (I think when I had Truncate set to 1). Shouldn’t there be a “starting” and “stopping” at least? (But not too busy! That’s what .log is for!)

Yeah, I’m only logging fatals to the eventlog. Besides, you get a “service was sent a start message” or whatever from scm, so that’s really all. Plus, nobody knows to look in the event log, so it might as well not even be there. Even my techs. “What did the event log say?” “Oooh… I didn’t look”. D’oh!

– WMA content is still missing “size” & “Sample Rate” on SoundBridge’s “Get Info” — other content shows up fine, including FLAC.

That’s a roku f/w issue… it’s still sending size and sample rate just as it always has.

– WMA is transcoded to WAV for SoundBridge if the depreciated (hah!) DAAP protocol is used. RSP sends it as WMA, as it should.

Fixed in r1237

– The “dynamic” album art insert feature still crashes Firefly on Win32. Time to yank it? 😀

Maybe… I got it working on the unix side. I might try hacking on it on the windows side just for grins.

– Library re-scan does not seem to update song ratings if they’ve been updated in the actual file. (Both WMA and new MP3 POPM tag support.) Looks like the database needs to be rebuilt to get updated metadata?

If the file is changed, it should rescan. Are you saying that you scanned the file, then changed a file, then waited (or forced) a rescan and it didn’t update the db entry?

If that’s the scenario, that’s a bug. If it’s just that you expected it to pull in the new stuff, no… as far as the server is concerned, it already scanned that thing after the last time it was changed.. so no need to rescan.

– If Windows Media Player 11 beta is installed, any 24-bit content in WMA Pro, etc. does not transcode/stream correctly. Probably a Microsoft issue with the WMF SDK or codec changes…

Ya, I got that report. I need to sit down and work through the sdk some more. I don’t quite have a handle on how to choose the format I get back from the sdk (obviously). Didn’t really understand it before, just took the “preferred” format it gave me. Guess I have to do the work of finding a better format.

– Confirmed relative paths in .M3U playlists work fine, unlike earlier reports in Roku forum.

Yeah, me too. That might be a unicode thing, though, and I’m not entirely sure how to solve that. That’s going to be some work.

– Confirmed improvements aborting extremely long playlists before completion on SoundBridge.

They might have other issues as well, but I notice I was ignoring the write error to a closed socket, so that was my bad.

– .WPL playlists are still not parsed; possibly a usability issue for WMC 2.0 to Firefly switchers (would need to export their existing playlists as .M3U)

I’ve got the format you sent me, and I have wmc installed, so I can generate my own. Really just a matter of doing it. Hopefully before wed.

– Problem rendering config.html on IE 6: Can’t see “Config File Location” text until switching to advanced mode. Firefox is fine.

– config.html: Next to “Group compilations” you see… Compilations are grouped under &Various artists& (I assume the “&” is not intended to be seen.)

– config.html: Next to “Rescan Interval”, mt-daapd name is still used… How often should mt-daapd look for new files? In seconds.

Got these in trac.

– Still figuring out why Firefly+SMP is often unstable on my big boxes, but stable running uniprocessor. Might be better this build? Not sure, yet…

I think I have a mental picture of what that’s happening. We’ll see. Next drop I should have what I think is a fix.