Reply To: NSLU2 + iTunes/Win – horrible quality


@LarsI wrote:

Way to go, Patrekur! Small world indeed 😀

I’m relieved that the mp3’s seems to be performing as expected for you 🙂

But alas no, my problem hasn’t been resolved. It still sounds awful for me, and I still can’t put my finger on the cause.

I noticed that you use iTunes 4. I’m using iTunes 5. Could some sort of in-compatability in v5 explain the horrible quality ?

I’ve recorded a sample of what I hear in iTunes, and put it onto the Slug. It’s named “poor quality sample”.

Eh sorry that was a typo on my part. I have the latest iTunes: v6.0.5

What I can do is listen to your samples at work with iTunes on Windows and tonight at home with iTunes on my Mac see if that makes a difference?

Ok. I am listening now on iTunes 6.0.5 on Windows and it sounds fine to me.

There is no “poor quality sample” yet? Oh there it pops up….

Yes that sample sounds horrible and I can assure you that is not at all how I hear the other samples!

Maybe you shound try iTunes 6.0.5 instead of iTunes 5?