Reply To: NSLU2 + iTunes/Win – horrible quality


@LarsI wrote:

I installed it a few days ago, so it’s the very latest, I think. “ipkg list” lists it as version 0.2.4

And the strange part is, I used all the default settings, and so haven’t touched – or changed – the conf file. I’ve just browsed it, and it’s set to rescan every 10 minutes, non-aggressively.

And besides, I’ve only installed 3 mp3 files sofar in the mp3 folder, so even a rescan ought to be over very quickly, wouldn’t it ?

Ya, plus, those are what? 128 or 192k files? Shouldn’t be any problem at all streaming those.

You are on the local network, right? Wireless? Or wired?

I can’t even guess at what might cause that to not work. I have that problem when I try to stream video off the thing, but not music.