Reply To: rescan : a little bug?


@ghedo wrote:

hi, guys.
I’m happly using mt-daapd 2.4 and i fund this :

let us imagine the mp3 path is /mp3
then i make 2 subdir, so i have /mp3/me and /mp3/you
then i put the song song.mp3 in /mp3/me an wait some time …
the song will appare in my itunes 🙂

now i move the song from /mp3/me to /mp3/you .
the song is still visible in itunes ma if i try to play nothing happends.
If i wait (a lot) nothing heppends.
If i force a rescan : nothing heppends
The only way to get the things goes it to stop the deamon , del the cache and start up /painfully/ again….

Ya. Known bug. If you move it, the inode stays the same, and it thinks it’s still in the old location. I don’t have a fix for that, it’s related to the other major problem, the fact that files are indexed by inode, not path.