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Thank you for your reply. I have sqlite3.2.1-1 installed. I compiled with –enable-sqlite3 and have a db_type of sqlite3 specified.

You know what is really strange? I recompiled for sqlite 2.x and when I started it up then it started. However, it did not find any of my mp3 files – almost as if it was looking in some other spot for my mt-daapd.conf file!? Perhaps I should just forget about sqlite3.x and use the 2.x? (I just didn’t want to have to re-add my smartplaylists… ;-()


Mike (aka patzerbud)

The database names are different, as I had problems with database stompage from one version to the other. The sqlite db is called “songs.db”, the sqlite3 db is called “songs3.db”. So if you originally had a sqlite3 db, then started the sqlite2 build, you get an empty db.

You can convert from one to the other with something like this:

foo@bar:/var/cache/mt-daapd$ sqlite .dump songs.db | sqlite3 songs3.db


foo@bar:/var/cache/mt-daapd$ sqlite3 .dump songs3.db | slqite songs.db

That does a dump of the first database, then bulk imports it into the second. Get a backup of your dbs before you do that though, to make sure you don’t accidentally wipe the “good” db.

— Ron