Reply To: Java iTunes client and transcoding

Ted Harper

@DylanMuir wrote:

I think Get It Together will not play .wav files; that’s why playing of transcoded files fails.

I thought GetItTogether _did_ play .wav files. The website says “The Java-based MP3 player included with Get It Together (called “Java” in the Settings panel) only supports MP3 and WAV files.” so I had assumed that meant the GiT side of it was ok and that the issue was with the transcoding (or not) of the files on the Firefly side.

I haven’t had time to do any debugging on this, but today I found another Java DAAP client application. This is also open source and called ourTunes; download from I have downloaded it but haven’t tried it yet; maybe it will work where GiT doesn’t with Firefly and transcoded WMA files?