Reply To: ogg problem.. whatever


Alright, heres the update on this 😉

I just ran some tests with the svn-1463 on ubuntu. Same files, and ogginfo displayed no problems whatsoever.

Heres the log output:

2007-01-09 23:56:28 (b7cf56b0): Found /media/hda1/music/p-z/Sunny Side Up FM4
2007-01-09 23:56:28 (b7cf56b0): Found Sunny Side Up FM4.. recursing
2007-01-09 23:56:28 (b7cf56b0): Found /media/hda1/music/p-z/Sunny Side Up FM4/s
2007-01-09 23:56:28 (b7cf56b0): Executing: select * from songs where path='/med
2007-01-09 23:56:28 (b7cf56b0): Found music file: sunny_side_up_20041121.ogg
2007-01-09 23:56:28 (b7cf56b0): Codec type: ogg
2007-01-09 23:56:32 (b64aaba0): Thread 41: Entering ws_dispatcher (Connection f
2007-01-09 23:56:32 (b64aaba0): Thread 41: got request
2007-01-09 23:56:32 (b64aaba0): Request: GET /xml-rpc?method=stats HTTP/1.1M
2007-01-09 23:56:32 (b64aaba0): Thread 41: Read: Host: localhost:3689M
2007-01-09 23:56:32 (b64aaba0): Thread 41: Adding header *Host=localhost:3689*
2007-01-09 23:56:32 (b64aaba0): Added *Host=localhost:3689*

From then on its just stuck serving the XML-RPC method to my Firefox. Weird.
There is no apparent memory hole or other race, it just seams that scanning-pthread is deadlocked.

This is merely meant for me so I can document my debug endeavors here. 🙂