Reply To: Problems after upgrade to svn-1206 (on NSLU) and Roku SB 2,5


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“My NSLU2” – complete LAN scan of MP3 files only (RSP?)

I’m not sure what you mean by complete lan scan. That doesn’t sound like something mt-daapd/firefly does. Are you sure you aren’t running twonky or something?

No, I am not sure. I have Twonky and Slim running, but they never showed up on Roku SB before. So you might be right that the library with the prefix “My” is none of yours. Actually you should know 🙂

Edit 1: Twonky is actually called “My NSLU2”. I will remove it. Never came close to firefly/mt-daapd.

So I guess the problem to focus on then is that the firefly library “NSLU2 Music” does not show up on my SB beta 11 (2.5.157)

Edit 2: Firefly applet, iTunes and SB 2.4.4 show the library correctly