Reply To: Smart Playlists – Shuffling and Limit


@kit wrote:

I looked over the way the RSP code handles playlists, and the protocol seems to have a concept of limiting the result set, but it doesn’t seem that the SoundBridge leverages this (yet). Are there already plans in the works to address this issue, or should I pursue a approach along these lines?

True, that’s for paging through the result set not really for making a playlist of a limited number of items.

Random playlists and custom order by playlists are on the map, but post 1.0. I’m trying to stabilize for a 1.0 release now.

What I was thinking about doing was extending the smart playlist language in order to allow people to specifiy a max results and a shuffle option. Based on the current code base this would have to be done once in the DAAP code and once in the RSP code.

That’s the best first step. I was going to make them optional directives just before the start of the criteria. Something like:

order album,ascending;track,ascending
limit 20
artist includes “morrissey”


order random
limit 100
rating > 60

Something like that.