Reply To: Problems with a playlist


OK – adding .AIF fixed the contents of the playlist problem – can you I suggest an enhancement request to warn that a file existed in the playlist in an unrecognised format and will be ignored.

When I added the .aif extension (via the web config page) Firefly got sick and the Soundbridge was no longer able to connect to it. Stopping and restarting the server cured that problem.

The above leads onto the next problem – can you serve AIFF files? The Soundbridge can clearly handle them since I get them from iTunes but with yours I get a cross besides them. If not this should probably be an enhancement request for the poor Pinnacle users?

One other suggestion – you need to write a resource DLL and create a resource with the event ID 1 and register this DLL with the event viewer application (see

So that we don’t get the guff at the front of the event log warnings.