Reply To: Some feedback on Webinterface for 1197


@schiers wrote:

a realy small one: on 1197, the link to svn will not show up as a link (means switch to underlined in light blue), although the link itself works.


I am happy to say that the connection issue seems to have disapeared for normal operation. I currently check, but with 1197, it even re-connected after I changed the mt-daapd version underneath Soundbridge.

The underlying problem is still there, I think. I didn’t fix the race, but I think I know generally where it is. I’ll keep looking for it. Someone gave some hints on ways to make it fail repeatably, so as soon as I get a machine loaded with the stuff I need to test, I’ll start on that.

I have some trouble with some wma files, but I still investigate what wma files they are (didn’t know until lately that there are differences).

Yeah, I’ve heard problems on songs that aren’t 44100/16/2. That’s probably it. I’ll be working on it.