Reply To: Error: database schema has changed on 1171 RH8.0 sqlite3


I don’t see it.

What sqlite3, and where did you get the packages? I’d like to duplicate this.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of problems with something before 3.3.0, as there were large changes in threading. Ideally, you should be running 3.3.6 (isn’t that the latest?) as there were a number of bugs in 3.3.x and 3.3.6 seems pretty stable.

That said, it isn’t as stable as sqlite2. So if you already *are* running 3.3.6, if you move to sqlite 2.8.x (they can both be installed at the same time), I think the problem will go away.

Isn’t a big help, I understand, but I think it will be a working workaround.

— Ron