Reply To: Running Two Copies of Firefly on a Single NSLU2


@pixelvapour wrote:

I wonder if you guys can help.

I’ve followed the steps outlined by rpedde but I keep getting a -3260 error which mentions a possible problem with the firewall and the port I have used for the 2nd config file.

I’ve used port 3690 for the file mt-daapd2.conf and port 3689 for my original mt-daapd.conf file. If I swap the port numbers around I still get an error on the mt-daapd2.conf file but the main conf file will happily use port 3689.

I can see the second shared library in itunes so that seems to be broadcast correctly just errors when I click on it and no music shows up.

I think the permissions are correct on all the folders but I’m no Linux expert so that maybe the issue.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Sounds like the server died. Check your syslog for any errors.

Also, make sure you have set up a different database directory for the second one (db_params) and that the directory is world-writable (or at least writable by the run_as user).

— Ron