Reply To: Running Two Copies of Firefly on a Single NSLU2



Thank you for the detailed description. I managed to install a second instance.

With this second instance I wanted to serve a MP3 directory containing 13161 songs with lots of artists. In fact this are all the songs that were in the Dutch Top40 Charts from 1968 up till now. The directory is almost 60Gb, so approximately 5 Mb per song.

When browsing-by-artist this MP3-directory I again got the message “browse failed”. Then I reduced the number of songs, for testing, to 10 songs and then it works fine.

It looks like there has to be a limit which is exceeded.
My other music-library contains at this moment 10101 songs. This directory is 82 Gb, almost 9 Mb per song.

Is it possible to add another firefly instance serving a third library? What will be the drawback apart from searching for a specific song.

I use a wired connection with a Linksys WRT54G router.