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@rpedde wrote:

But that really isn’t a bad idea at all… marking a drive as “removable”, and not purging those files from the database when the drive is offline.

I am so new around here, I hate to speak up too much since I know I am only beginning to learn about the capabilities of mt-daapd. However, one item I have already been wondering about is ‘multiple music libraries’. In my case, I have a very large Christmas Music database that naturally I have no reason to keep online for about 11 months out of the year. However, being able to simply plug in a second USB drive with the Christmas music would be great. But then again, maybe it would be best to have a ‘second copy’ (server?) as I really only want to deal with Christmas music when I want to listen to it.

Another use would be for when I want to ‘borrow’ some of my sons music. They are grown and have their own music libraries, but it is very easy to copy their music to a USB drive and bring home with me. However, I would prefer to keep their music seperate from mine unless I decide to move specific albums to my library.

I have been able to manage this (to some degree) with Musicmatch since it allows you to maintain multiple music libraries. The only problem with their implementation is that you have to select which library to load from the software on the PC. There is no way to change music libraries from a Soundbridge.