Reply To: Some feedback on 1130


@ajayre wrote:

I tried 1082 and I got the same result. So I tried 909 again.

Even though it does appear my .conf file was overwritten, wihout modifying it version 909 works fine. It scans on startup and I can connect to it with my Soundbridge.

Weirdly – even though the location of mp3s has reverted to /mnt/mp3, which is not where I have them, and the name of the server has reverted back to mt-daapd, which is not what I had it set to, my Soundbridge still shows the name of the server I was using and can still play the MP3s…


It’s reading the config file wherever it’s installed. If you installed it to /usr/local, it’s reading the config file in /usr/local/etc, not /etc.

Look at the config page, it will tell you what config file it’s reading.

I’m still trying to figure out what causes me the least amount of support, putting a runnable config in the place that someone asked for it to be, and setting the default config path to there, or not installing a config file at all, and have people confused because they don’t know what they installed where.

The way it is right now has the advantage that make; make install makes a runnable system without having to muck with anything. Maybe thats a misfeature, though.

— Ron