Reply To: Firefly OS X Setup


@NA9D wrote:

OK. That fixed it. Thanks. I’m up and running.

What is next in the process?

Also, I thought I read that Firefly is able to utilize playlists created in iTunes? I don’t see how to do that and I’d hate to have to rebuild my playlists all over (which I can’t get to work in the web interface). And also, does your software have the ability to handle audio streams in the library?



Set process_m3u to 1 in the config file, and it will pick up playlists, including those done by iTunes.

As far as audio streams, it does handle audio streams, but it doesn’t pick them up from iTunes. I meant to do that, but forgot.

I just put in a bug report for that, though, so I’ll get to it soon.

— Ron