Reply To: 1082 on OSX and YDL4


@eddieb wrote:

svn-1082 seem to run nice on both OSX 10.4.6 server and YDL4 linux , previous problems seems to be fixed so far …

But, for some reason I had to add “-c /etc/mt-daapd.conf” to both startup files …
Q: is there a configure option to change the default location for the config file ?


It’s based on where you install it to. If you configure it with no prefix (/usr/local), then it expects to read it from /usr/local/etc. Likewise, if you configure it with –prefix=$HOME, then it expect to find it in $HOME/etc.

Mostly because that way a make; make install works no matter where it was installed to, without having to make people fiddle with -c options.

I thought that was less surprising than the alternative. Perhaps not?