Reply To: 1082 – config page not displayed


OK, for installing firebug I had to upgrade to Firefox 1.5 (honestly, I didn’t know that it was still 1.0). With it works.

The “normal” browser we use here is ie 6.0.2800.1106CO with SP1 and sone other updates. With this, it won’t show up. As I am not sure about this version, I suggest we wait for me coming home or other reports before we debug deeper into it.

Thanks Anders, I will now try to configure a bit. It’s a bit painfull tunneled through SSH (with putty) to connect to my home server. Currently I see that not all config entries are read and displayed, e.g. database type and scan type show up, but e.g. mp3 directory not.

EDIT: I see, it’s a GUI mockup. Forget the last paragraph…