Reply To: svn-1082 on NSLU2


nah I havent. but then again, mt-daapd is supposed to be UP and running when I enable transcoding, right ?

the startup code and whatnot should be more or less the same when running with/without transcoding, right ?
and I do not see a stalled instance of the script, or whatnot.

mt-daapd doesnt even get as far as advertising itself via rendezvous. the init database just takes forever on the poor slug.

-d9 output isnt helping there, either.

I’ll reiterate the log proper log output, with timestamps once more. *sigh*

and no, I dont run it with -s from the script. its the standard S60mt-daapd script that comes with the ipkg. IF the script does that, then umm yeah, but I dont think so.