Reply To: svn-1082 on NSLU2


havent yet upgraded. but I will do so shortly 🙂

I set process_m3u =1 and the server did come up, but it refuses to show any content.
My soundbridge reboots gracefully and tries to reconnect then, which is kinda bad to.
iTunes clients get no data as well, but dont show any error.
I dont know whats wrong.
The webinterface seems to work though, although it shows any DB related functions return nothing.

I gotta dig into this to find out whats happening.

Could it be that some bogus m3u lists cause it to fail like that ?

I hope I find the time to investigate this in the next few days. Im kinda busy now.

well, just as I thought, if I comment out the process_m3u setting it just comes up, but it doesnt stream any content. I could see the database contents in the web interface’s “playlist” view.

ok, I tried to play with some other other config settings, and also with -d9.
no info. now even the webinterface refuses to come up.
There are 3 mt-daapd instances with state “S” and one with state “D”. that one can only be killed by -9’ing it.

any clues ?