Reply To: XBMC


I just spent some time looking at ethereal captures. I can see the MDNS messages from Bonjour on startup, and regular MDNS announcements from the FireFly server.

However, I don’t see any MDNS message from the XBOX to the server. When attempting to connect, I see the XBMC doing an ARP request for the server’s IP, then it sends out a TCP SYN message with MSS=1604. The server replies with a TCP ACK message with the RST flag set, however it sets the window size to zero.

Then nothing happens…

Is it the windows size response in TCP? Isn’t the xbmc supposed to set up a tcp connection to the server? Is it something else? I’ll have to read up on how DAAP is working, since I’m just staring blind.

The only other messages I see is a broadcast ping from the xbox and an MDNS “standard query resposne SRV 0 0 9999 …” from the server.

PS: I have sporadically seen the behaviour again reported a few messages back (firefly not registering with bonjour), but not been able to find the cause of it.