Reply To: XBMC


I’m running svn-1498 on XP Pro, XBMC T3CH 2.0.1 (Feb 1) and am not able to see firefly from the xbox. I can access my firefly shares from iTunes on other windows PCs, but not from XBMC (same as timeuser – ‘Could not connect to network server’). I can access the same MP3 files as SMB shares on that same PC from XBMC, so I know the xbox can access that PC over the network. My link on xbmc is daap:// (I tried daap:// also).

I tried to set my debug level, but was unable to change it – can you instruct me? I didn’t see a place to set this in the conf file. I tried to start the service with the argument ‘-d 9’, and it seemed to ignore that (the log just said that the debug level was 2.