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hmm this is getting frustrating!

for some unknown reason tcpdump/libpcap on my nslu2 w/ debianslug LE does not capture outbound traffic .. thus making catching firefly responses impossible

i therefore installed the windows version on a pc here, got a tcpdump for windows, caught transmission from windows firefly to xbox but get various errors when trying to decode. details of which are below.

any pointers on what else im doing wrong!!??

xbox is on 006 windows pc with firefly server is on 007
traffic between xbox and pc obviously doesnt decode ..and as you explained when i head it i see

> head
GET /server-info HTTP/1.1
Host: 192.168.09ÈT0T)(
`1GET /content-codes HTTP/1.1
Host: 192.1689ÈT0T)(
`1GET /login HTTP/1.1
`GET /update?session-id=2&revision-number=19ÈT0T)(
`1W8W)¨Àc fBÐPY]oGET /databases?session-id=2&revision-numbe9ÈT0T)(

head of traffic between windows pc firefly and xbox returns this

> head
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 141
Expires: -1
TTP/1.1 200 OKBÐPY]o)¨À[[ùBßPÛ§¨À[[ùBÞP>EÓË)¨À][ùBÜP3ò)¨À[[ùBÚPm%
Content-Length: 7097
Expires: -1

but when i run decode flow on the traffic from 007 to 006 i get this

> ./decodeflow -d
Bad tag: (00485454)