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@blue_94_trooper wrote:

I was under the impression that even when running unslung and Firefly on an NSLU2, I could also have the drive appear as a network share to my Windows PC and assign it a drive letter that could be used as for the default folder in iTunes.

Will I really need to keep two copies of my music directories to use iTunes for iPod synching and Firefly (on an NSLU2) for serving my Soundbridge?

Thanks for your help.

You can make a share on the slug and set up your preferences on iTunes to use that share as your iTunes folder.

What you won’t get that way is your iTunes playlists and stuff (since iTunes will keep the .xml file in your “My Music” folder regardless).

If that’s not an issue, then yeah, you can do that. I don’t do it that way because I started all this on my laptop, and I didn’t want to be disconnected from my music when I had my laptop off the network. So for me, I keep my music library on my mac authoritative.

You can do it the other way, though, if you like. Should work okay.

— Ron