Reply To: Playlists on Linkstation


Its gradually becoming clearer. If I want to have a M3u playlist with Linux file types, where in the heirarchy would MT-DAAPD expect to look for it?

The format on the Linkstation starts with root then mnt then hda (in unix) and then it goes to the shares. I have three shares one for music called music and then it it a conventional set of folders : music>artist>album>mp3 tracks

MT-DAAPD sees this fine and I have deleted and added tracks to prove it, I can browse all the functions on the soundbridge also. I tried a unix version of M3u (I think) on the first level directory as:

./Music/Animals/The Most of the Animals/01 - House Of The Rising Sun.mp3
./Music/Avril Lavigne/Let Go/03 Sk8er Boi.mp3
./Music/The Beach Boys/Summer Dreams [UK]/13 Good Vibrations.mp3

This didn’t work and I couldn’t even see the playlist title so I guess this is the wrong location.

So is there an obvious location? Do I need some sort of My Playlist directory? Would it be better to use absolute paths?