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@xanth wrote:

I also tried tried the M3U file exporting from WMP 10, which didn’t work I also edited it using notepad to simply have the one entry per line. I put this in my music directory.

\willy_wonkamusicMusicAnimalsThe Most of the Animals1 - House Of The Rising Sun.mp3
\willy_wonkamusicMusicAvril LavigneLet Go3 Sk8er Boi.mp3
\willy_wonkamusicMusicThe Beach BoysSummer Dreams [UK]13 Good Vibrations.mp3
\willy_wonkamusicMusicThe BeatlesBeatles Red Disk 113 - YESTERDAY.mp3
\willy_wonkamusicMusicThe Beautiful SouthBlue Is the Colour1 Don't Marry Her.mp3

Those paths are windows paths. That playlist would work on firefly for win32, but not on your linkstation. Unix doesn’t do unc.

For win32, you’ll also have to have firefly running as a user that can read those files… the default user (LocalSystem) doesn’t have network rights. You can go into control panel -> admin tools -> services and look at the properties on the firefly service and set it to log in as you (with your username and password). Stop and start the service, and that will give it rights to see those files.

You can force a rescan to pick that up by either waiting 10 min, or by using the rescan button in the web interface, or by deleting the songs.db while the server is stopped.

That should do it, though.