Reply To: mt-daapd on NSLU2 fails to find music files


@T&E wrote:

The mt-daapd works but I don’t see anything on the soundbridge. And finally must I set up anything from the soundbridges side.

Sherlock: Good to hear that the ‘woman acceptance factor’ is there 😆 not something to underestimate

I left everything in the default configuration file alone except for what I noted. In my case, therefore, the name that shows up on the SoundBridge is ‘NSLU2’. I simply select that on the SoundBridge and it connects and gives me the options of ‘Playlists’, ‘Browse’, etc. I did have to physically unplug the SoundBridge the first time to get it to find the NSLU2, but after that it has been fine. I can’t tell you offhand what level software I am running on my SoundBridge, but it is whatever was current a year+ ago. I have not upgraded the SoundBridge software as for now I have no reason to.

There is another thread here about the number of songs people have in their music libraries. However, I am not sure about any practical limits on an NSLU2. I think I remember some discussion about the nightly builds may allow a larger number of songs. Since I know so little about Linux I am staying away from the nightly builds for now. My music library on the NSLU2 has about 2500 songs.

This is the first thing I have done in quite awhile that my wife has totally loved. We are slowly learning about playlists, etc. Getting the NSLU2 to automatically start mt-daapd was a critical part of her acceptance.