Reply To: mt-daapd on NSLU2 fails to find music files


I have been wanting to move my music to an NSLU2 with mt-daapd for quite a long time. Not being a Linux person has been holding me back. However, I spent quite a bit of time researching the ‘Unslung’ process and did it successfully this morning. I now have a V2.3R63-uNSLUng 6.8 beta with a Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 attached as Disk 2 which seems to be the current recommendation in the install guidelines. I then conquered the IPKG process and installed mt-daapd following the guidelines. Everything went well until step 6) ‘chmod o+r -R /share/hdd/data/public/mp3’ to make sure the server has permissions to read your music files. I get “No such file or directory” at this point. Now my lack of Linux knowledge hurts. I have gotten my “Linux for Dummies” book out and will struggle with this, but my guess is that by attaching my USB disk to Disk 2, the step-by-step guide is no longer accurate. This is probably the same problem that the original poster ran into. Since most people new to the NSLU2 are likely to follow the same path I did, if the step-by-step guide needs changing, it would be a big help to those of us who are not Linux experts.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me; just be gentle as my knowledge of Linux is very minimal.