Reply To: Connection loss and reboot issue reloaded


I don’t know if I can help with debugging or isolating (2), because the only dual-core machine I have here is my wife’s Mac Mini (and the MacFirefly builds seem to have a fairly high “degree of difficulty” right now). I do have a Xeon laptop (the Xeon CPU appears to be two CPUs to Windows XP, and behaves that way as far as threads being thrown across them, just there are really only two instruction queues rather than two actual cores); would testing Firefly on that box give you any useful information for the deadlock/race problem?

I actually went out and got a mini this weekend, and I was going to load whindows on it since that’s the platform that was reported to be trivially reproducible on. I got as far as putting the cd in and booting before I was too repulsed to continue.

I’ll try again to muster up the courage tonight.

But to answer the question, yes, a HT machine with HT enabled should show up the problem, too.

— Ron