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@schiers wrote:


I managed so far to download, compile, and install howl 1.0.0 but get:

2006-05-27 09:28:05: Starting rendezvous daemon
2006-05-27 09:28:05: Starting rendezvous services
2006-05-27 09:28:05: Error initializing howl

during startup. I would like to try with your version, but I neither know which one you actually use nor where to get them. It you read that before I am able to work further on the issue, it would be nice to know.


That probably means that the howl responder isn’t running. You should have a mDNSResponder running in your process lists — that’s the howl daemon. mt-daapd talks to the mDNSReponder to tell it to advertise mt-daapd. If it’s not running, then mt-daapd sends that error.

— Ron