Reply To: editing static playlists


@dpark wrote:

So my impression is that.. the static lists from the itunes xml file are just read into mt-daapd and served up read-only (even when the UI for static playlists is done) and not actually copied over to the sqlite DB, whereas static playlists (once the UI is done) generated from the web interface would just live in the sqlite DB?

Actually, they are both in the db, but the itunes playlists (and m3u playlists) are refreshed on file system scans, so if you edited those, you would lose them when it next re-read the xml file. So those are read-only yeah.

In the db, but read-only.

At some point, there will also be static web-authored playlists which will be read/write. Exactly as you say.

Glad it worked for you, and check back periodically. We’ll get there eventually. It’s Anders to thank for the web stuff, incidentally, so if you see him around here, you can thank him for the web stuff.

— Ron