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@rpedde wrote:

We talked about this before right? This was a ntfs drive that got moved to a unix box and is now accessed via samba? Is that right?

Yes, we discussed this in another thread which disappeared after the recent change to the forum structure/pages. It’s a ntfs that got moved to a NSLU2 unlsung with the latest 6.8 and support for Western Europe/Latin 1(850).

@rpedde wrote:

The files are stored as utf-16 on disk, but iTunes is obviously storing the file names as utf-8. So up-promote utf-8 to utf-16? This might take some work.

Well, I tried to change one entry in the XML file where iTunes had Bj%C3%B6rk (C3 B6) is the UTF-8 code for the letter ö, opened the file with an xml editor and changed %C3%B6 to 00F6 – the code for the same character in UTF-16, but mt-daapd still couldn’t find it.

Also, when I Telnet into the slug I can access the folder named Björk by just typing cd Björk. So the Slug certainly understands ö.

@rpedde wrote:

I think I have some bjork around, I’ll see if I can’t replicate it. I might not be able to — at least not on windows. I’m pretty sure I was playing with some Bjork music when I was working through playlist stuff, and it worked okay locally, so it’s probably a conversion issue on samba.

If you can tell me how to edit the xml file so that mt-daapd can process the path info for something like …/Björk/…, which iTunes writes as ../Bj%C3%B6rk/…, I can do it for the other cases myself, even if that means having to change the xml entries manually.