Reply To: Crash on full db scan with svn-1050

Ted Harper

‘m sorry that I won’t get a chance to do this until at least another 24 hours, and possibly not even then.

Maybe someone else who can reproduce the same problem with svn-1055 can jump in in the meantime and provide Ron what he is asking for here so he can keep moving forward on it.

Specifically for anyone lurking and reading this (requirements are you are on Windows and have some WMA files – normal, non-DRM ones – in your library):

* Install svn-1055 (on Windows) and confirm it starts and works correctly.
* Edit the config file to also include .wma files
* Stop the service and delete songs.db.
* Restart the service, so it begins a full scan and recreation of songs.db.
* If you get a crash (Dr Watson popup), run “firefly -d10 > fireflylog.txt” from a command-prompt to capture the debugging output from startup to the crash, then zip and email to Ron.
* If you don’t get a crash on a full rescan (on Windows, when you have some non-trivial number of WMA files), please post to here that you cannot repro the problem.

If two of us grabbing the nightly Win32 builds have posted on here with what seems to be the same problem, I’d say it definitely needs to be fixed before Ron can drop another “beta” build over on the Roku site.