Reply To: Hang in scan with 1050


Hi Fizzie,

Thanks for your time, the file systems is ext3, I am currently using lvm1 with ext3.

After starting mt-daapd serveral more times and killing it off and starting back up its functioning now, and seems stable. I’ve streamed about 20 songs from it so far and I am monitoring the log file.

Two things I’ve noticed so far, one, the mt-daapd.playlist dosen’t seem to be read during runtime, but the playlists created from the web brower work quite well.

The other thing, mt-daapd working with itunes works well, and song via the library and via playlists created from the web browser work. But via daapd to my XBMC (xbox media centre) do not. It shows the playlists but the lists themselves are empty. XMBC worked fine with stable verison mt-daapd.

Thank you again for your response, and if you require or would like more information feel free to ask.