Reply To: Plans for RSP or plug-ins ?


@Rheinlaender wrote:

Are there any plans to provide the following features with Firefly (e.g. as plugins) and the new RSP ?:

    Crossfade between two songs (optionally)

    Client synchronisation (aka Partymode) Multiple players synced by the server

    RSS Feeds (for News, Weather etc.)

    Cover Art in Streams (so third party apps like VisualMR can show it)

Not specifically, but that’s the goal of a new protocol — to be able to work the server and the player to be able to do things that can’t be done with itunes or wmc, or some other server app that’s under someone elses control.

Client sync is something I’ve thought about, and #4 will be covered without rsp soon — xml-rpc methods for retrieving cover art and stuff will be in place soonish.

Let’s get to 1.0 first, then start with the post-1.0 stuff, though. 🙂

Still dont’ have transcoding working on rsp.

— Ron