Reply To: mt-daapd 1005, song lenght


Ok, I’ll give it a shot once Im home.
In fact this looks nice, as it can strip/convert case of tags as well.

Wouldnt it be kinda cool to have the mt-daapd DB be case insensitive ?
wouldnt be to hard to add a few UPPER() or LOWER()’s in the queries, would it ?

I just took a peek at db-sql.c, its where the browse magic happens, right ?
Being an Oracle guy I donno much about the features sqlite3, or the other backends, but I think those queries could be sped up.
Things like the double selects to get the count can be acheived by %%rowcount or cols, given sqlite3 supports that.

Too bad i dont have a running cross-compiler environment for my slug so I could play with it. But I still can perform and test the queries manually on the slug.