Reply To: nightlies vs stable – How different are they?


Yes, the 0.2.x line is nothing but fixes for 0.2.0. Nightlies is what was going to be 0.3.0, but will probably be “firefly media server 1.0”. I expect this in a couple weeks.

1. Nightlies use sqlite as a database backend, rather than gdbm. Mostly that doesn’t have any effect, except it’s easier to interface with the music database from outside the program.

2. Smart playlists are stored in the database, and can be edited via the web interface (the “smart” tab on the web ui).

3. Nightlies have the rsp protocol (the new soundbridge protocol) and serve much faster to a soundbridge.

4. Nightlies can do transcoding — converting .ogg, .flac, and other formats to .wav, so your soundbridge (or other device) can listen to other kinds of music. (Doens’t work in rsp right now)

5. Nightlies works on windows

6. Major web interface improvements & ajaxification (not all of which are completely done now)

7. The regular minor fixes and improvements — support for front-fow, support for serving m4v video, better support for compilations, better aac tag reading, etc.

But yeah. Nightlies is rapidly progressing toward a stable release in the next few weeks.

— Ron