Reply To: Pinnacle Soundbridge


There is. Fear not. I guess the cat is out of the bag now, so no reason not to spill the rest.

mt-daapd will be making a name change to “Firefly Media Server”, and we will start transitioning domains and whatnot in the next couple days. Roku will be sponsoring development, so there will likely be links or sidebar ads to roku, and the config web pages and whatnot will be “professionalized”.

Other than that, though, it’s pretty much the same deal. I’ll still be hacking on this and dropping gpl code, along with nightlies and whatnot.

The stuff I did with them on kind of a proof-of-concept basis is now in wide distribution (eek!), so I’ll have to catchup a bit filing off the rough edges, but all that code will get rolled up (today, probably) into mt-daapd, and nightlies going forward will support RSP.

Don’t sweat, though, I didn’t sell out, and it was important to me that the code remain available so folks (like me!) with a nslu2 or a kuro or whatever can still use it to serve music.

— Ron