Reply To: Alternative database handling for “compilations”


That would be hard. Not impossible, but hard.

But you aren’t the only one in the same boat, and that’s what the “compdirs” config value is. If you have all your soundtracks in a folder called “/music/Sountracks”, then you can mark that folder as a compilation by using the compdirs dirctive:

compdirs = /music/Soundtracks

If that won’t work because they aren’t all in a single folder, then if you have some other naming convention, you can use that, since compdirs does a substring match on the whole path. So if you name your album something like “xxx soundtrack”, then you could do:

compdirs = soundtrack

and you could automatically flag anything with “soundtrack” in the path as a compilation.

With the svn-909 nightly, the compdirs gets fixed up and if you set

concat compilations = 1

then it will automatically concatinate artist and song into the song name, and set artist to “Various Artists”.

I think that’s pretty close to what you are looking for. As far as donations, the ‘donate’ button on the sourceforge page is turned on, but I don’t actively solicit contributions. Really, the only thing a contribution would be good for would be to guilt me into driving development in a particular direction. 🙂

— Ron