Reply To: Suggestions from newbie


First, thanks. This is developed and released on a strict “Works For Me ™” basis. That said, glad it works for you, too.

1. Working on it. Nightlies allow for creating smart playlists via web interface without having to reload or restart the server. Kinda nifty. Still need to be able to do the same with static playlists, but once the server stuff is done, I’ll start working more on the web side. Interfaces are all there, just need to hook it all up, and I’m not really a web developer, so I could use help there.

2. Yes. Current nightlies can do just that.

3. And that’s how current nightlies do #2.

4. That’s on the borderline of what’s possible. I would like to implement something like that (as well as “top n”, and customer ordering queries, but we’ll see how that goes. That might be a post-0.3.0 thing.

I really need to get a 0.3.0 release and stop adding features. 🙂

Turns out it’s WAY easier to just keep developing and never stop to stabilize a tree. Or maybe I should make more frequent releases, with short feature lists. Dunno.

I’m thinking on #4 though. It’s something I’d really like, too.