Reply To: iTunes 6.0.4 doesn’t work [FIXED!]


It may never have been in the line. It was in nightlies (and still is). As of last night, I redid much of the txt record stuff so that I could advertise other stuff, too, like password status so the lock would show up (neat!), and some other metainfo that the new FrontRow wanted to see.

As far as new metainfo, these are the new metacodes it asks for:


Some of them look like they come from the metadata on the movie itself for episodic .m4v files. As far as the song metainfo, category, contentdescription, etc, I’m not sure where that is visible. Doesn’t appear to be on the info on specific songs. Dunno. It might only show up on front row.

I’ll play with it and see what I find.

— Ron