Reply To: Missing a Piece of the Jigsaw?


I use smart playlists rather than static playlists, and nightlies can do those right now from the web interface. I have the db stuff set up for web-based editing of static playlists, but I haven’t implemented it, as I’m working more on the backend than the web interface, and there doesn’t seem to be overwhelming interest from people to fix the web front end to be more featureful.

Or at least an interest that results in patches.

I think CCRdude threw up some php stuff in the nightlies forum. It might be not much more than an afternoon’s worth of work to build a php playlist editor straight into the database if the server is a machine that can do apache and php.

Or if you are a javascript/xml wizard, I wouldn’t chase off offers to work on the web interface to do static playlist editing. All the xml-rpc is there to support it. It just needs the web front-end.

— Ron