Reply To: Missing a Piece of the Jigsaw?


Thanks Herman, that made a lot of sense!

However, I am stuck with the iTunes XML file. This is my current setup:

mp3_dir /unmirrored/Music/iTunes

iTunes music folder location: N:MusiciTunes

Inside the iTunes folder is:

iTunes Music
iTunes Library.itl
iTunes Music Library.xml

The .xml file is a copy of the one in My DocumentsMy MusiciTunes

I added the N:MusiciTunesiTunes Music folder to the library, and I can see the track, organize them, etc.

Here is the problem: despite restarting iTunes, if I edit playlists, the changes go into the xml file in My Documents, not the one on the N drive.

I’m sure I am doing something stupid. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!