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config page password stuff: yeah, probably shouldn’t be visible. 🙂

I called out for contributions of a simple help page for the playlists, but no takers. It’s something I’ll eventually get to, but probably later rather than sooner. Still gotta find the #&$# race that’s crashing the thing… grrr…

Feedback page is broken on the server side — it should go to a feedback page at my home, but since I moved, I haven’t migrated it up to this server. I keep meaning to do that. It’s now on my official TODO list, though, so might get to it sooner rather than later.

I am sort of toying with the idea of global and per-user playlists, but I haven’t really thought it all through yet.

Editing: yes! Course, the server periodically crashes now, but the playlists are now editable! Woo hoo!