Reply To: From the dark side … Wow!


I just started gearing up again into full coding speed. 🙂

The web based stuff is actually starting to work now, and most of the infrastructure is built to start doing interesting things.

There is database cleanup still to do, as well as adding a couple backend databases. The configuration needs to be moved into the database itself. But once that’s done, then more and more of the admin and stuff should be done via web.

I don’t think that the tag editor that will probably end up built into mt-daapd will ever be full featured, but I think at some point in the not-too-distant future, we’ll see at least song-by-song tag editing.

It might be a while yet, though. Lots of more fundamental stuff to work on, not to mention stablize to a 0.3.0 release so we can get the good stuff in there now out to a wider audience.

— Ron