Reply To: sub folders ?


But the playlist file is outdated 😉
It’s now in a sqlite database…

I could think of two ways:

1. A new field “folder VARCHAR(255)” in the “playlists” table, with values like:
“My Folder”
“My FolderMy Subfolder”


2. A new table “folders” with “id UNSIGNED INT(10)”, “folder VARCHAR(255)”, “parentid UNSIGNED INT(10)”, and a field “folderid UNSIGNED INT(10)” inside the “playlists table”.

Which way to go would depend on the way iTunes does receive this information from the server. Since I don’t know this, I’ve started writing a mini-daap-client (only browsing) for myself, but I didn’t get the validation to work with the original iTunes yet (no problem with mt-daapd 😉 ), and I can’t run Ethereal since I have no x64 WinPCap yet, so from the little things I’ve seen in the documentation only, I can guess it’s hidden somewhere in /databases/[num]/containers. Someone doing some packet sniffing on iTunes 5.x+ connecting should be able to get the necessary information…