Reply To: .m3u playlists stopped working in 0.2.2 ???


When it sees a static playlist has changed, it deletes the old one first, then creates a new one.

So that’s sort of normal. You should see:

found foo.m3u
deleting playlist x
added playlist as id y
checking /some/path/to/song.mp3
checking /some/other/path/to/song.mp3
checking /yet/another/path/to/song.mp3
Done processing playlist

You aren’t seeing that, though. 🙂

I don’t generate an error when it can’t open the playlist, but that’s obviously what is happening. It tries to read the playlist read only, and can’t.

If you want to “hand patch” for more information, you can edit mp3-scanner.c.

On line 515, change this:


to this:

} else DPRINTF(E_LOG,L_SCAN,"Error opening %s: %sn",playlist_path,strerror(errno));

But that’s the problem. It can’t open the playlist file. Double-check your run_as user, and make sure those playlists are world readable.

— Ron